Front end development

PHP programmer


Assist chief programmer in technical evaluation, bug processing and code development;
Design and develop website database, column and program module;
Develop erp, oa and crm systems according to the company’s requirements;
Finish program development and system evaluation in good quality assigned by the company;
Maintain website program on a regular basis and handle system bugs;
Write website program development documents.


Computer-related major, bachelor degree or above;
Proficient in PHP, MySQL and Linux, +1 year(s) of JavaScript development experience;
Familiarize MySQL database application development, understand MySQL database MySQL configuration management, have experience and skill in MySQL index, query and storage optimization, PHP caching technology and static design;
Proficient in LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) architecture, familiar with MVC programming idea and structure and common PHP development framework;
Master software design flow and software engineering specifications, possess a capacity of writing good and normalized design and technical documents, have a good habit of writing codes, clear
logical structure and normalized specifications. The code redundancy rate is low.
Possess team spirit, professional dedication, a good self-study capacity and a capacity of independently solving the problems;
Bear some work pressure and finish high-quality program within the specified time;
Have good value concept and moral trait.

Front end development